marketing consultant & creative director

Anthony P. MuÑoz

CLIENT: Miller Lite

CHALLENGE: Increase sales in both the on and off-premise channels during the college basket playoff time period.

SOLUTION: A successfully integrated national promotion utilizing print advertising, point-of-sale displays, out-of-home advertising, on-premise activation teams, branded merchandise, promotional microsite, themed packaging and an under-the-cap "collect and win" game.

RESULTS: Consumers flocked to the promotional packaging in hopes of winning a trip to the Miller Lite Palms Hotel Suite in Las Vegas during March Madness. This not only drove repeat purchase but was a tactical first for the Miller Lite brand. The creation of the Miller Lite "Bracketball Logo" captured the passion consumers have for the playoffs (without needing to reference college basketball) and cemented the brand's presence during this time of year by creating a highly desirable merchandizing graphic. The promotion allowed Miller Lite to dominate at both retail and the at-home playoff viewing occasion. On-premise accounts saw activation teams and the wildly successful game that pitted consumers against each other in Wii-based free-throw contests.

ART DIRECTION: Jason Munger & Anthony P. Muñoz 

COPY EDITING: John Rekoumis